Please help identify the companies or corporations denoted by these logos.

I have collected some additional neckties which seem to include a logo, but I cannot identify the company or corporation who might have authorized the making of these ties. If you can identify them, please email me at

HT with arrow, could this be an airline? The tag on the back is in some Asian language.

Yes, it is obviously a bold "T J", but whose logo is this; what do the letters "T" and "J" stand for, that is the question?

I purchased this necktie recently, and while there is no identifying information, the logo looks like it might represent some company, such as a bank. Any idea what it might be?

A gentleman who donated the Eagle Claw fish hook necktie, also sent this one. We do not know what the "APM" stands for, nor the designation of the years 1996-98. Can you help?

David Hurst generously donated quite a number of necktie, mostly related to airlines and airports. He did not know what company was represented by this one, but suggests it may be related to the Netherlands Railways; can you help?

David Hurst suggests this necktie might be related to Wembley Stadium or some other exhibition venue, can you confirm this?

Could these triangles represent Rotterdam Airport, as David suggests?

This logo may also be Dutch, do you know what it represents?

David suggests that this large "W" with a small blue triangle may represent West Highland Helicopters, but I find no such company; can you help on this one?

Do these delightful little buses belong to National Express, as David suggests, or to another bus company?

Someone was celebrating 60 years anniversary in 1990, but who? Was it liverpool Airport, as David suggests?

Whose unicorns are prancing so pourdly across this necktie? We have no idea!

Another grand, but unidentified logo, again we need your help!

The last of David Hurst's unidentified neckties has this creature carrying a flag with what seems to be the letter G. Is the creature a wyvern? If so, what company claims this strutting logo?

This black necktie proudly proclaims it represents "Dayton", but there are many companies with that name, not to mention one or more cities with that name. Can you help identify which "Dayton" this is?

These two linked loops are on a necktie made in Korea; what company do they represent?

If you have a corporate necktie that you would like to donate to the museum, please send me an email

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